Solar System Installations

Solar System Installations

GMK Engineering Solar System Installations – Your business can save up to 100% on your electricity bill and be load shedding proof.

With a commercial solar power solution, you won’t have to plan productivity and profits around wet coal and maintenance and you can save up to 100% on your electricity expense line.

Solar System Installations

Here are some benefits to being in control of your own electricity source:

  • Increase your profits due to zero electricity bill
  • You’re in control of productivity even when the power grid is down
  • Your operations are always on and producing
  • No matter what happens to the power grid, your business can grow and you can serve your customers

GMK Solar Energy Solution is a company specialising in renewable energy. We install Small-to-Large roof top and ground mounted Solar Photovoltaic project.

At GMK Solar Energy Solution, we are committed to providing superior quality, supplying cutting edge technology to meet our client’s unique electricity requirements. We use technologies that are completely environment friendly and comply with the global carbon footprint reduction objectives. We have the capacity and expertise to ensure that all our projects are effectively managed and executed.

We concentrate in the following market segment; (Solar System Installations)

  1. Industrial and Commercial buildings
  2. Private/ Domestic Projects
  3. Agricultural Sector
  4. Mining Industry
  5. Advertising (Outdoor Billboards)
  6. Government & Municipal Projects

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GMK Solar Energy Solution
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